Looking Backwards to Move Forwards

For their latest ad, Isle followed Nick Jensen’s lead and paid tribute to Paul Shier’s legendary Sidewalk Surfer cover. Ah, nothing beats a good homage. 

Speaking of Isle, did you catch this mini-Mike Arnold mix?

Sate your appetite for the upcoming Pass~Port full length with Matlock Bennett-Jones’ part in Afterbang!

Thanks to DEEPER UNDERSTANDING, the latest Palace video, both members of the Royal Family have now skated to Kate Bush.

Vincent Touzery, Nik Stain, and a couple of dudes on Supreme went all the way to Italy to skate some ledges. Nik Stain powering through a back smith on a ledge is one of those “less is more” things.

Zach Chamberlin and Snack Skateboards escaped to Morocco this past winter. Check out the video from their time in Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech.

The Fred Gall Tour continues with an appearance on The Bunt.

Eniz Fazliov remains one of the most productive skateboarders that no one has heard of.

Finally, we try to avoid posting Instagram clips as much as possible, but new Brian Brown footage is worth its weight in gold, regardless of medium.