Expert Repair Method

“The first time I go out skating with Mark, we go to these tight little vertical banks at a bank in Costa Mesa. And it’s me, Mark Gonzales, Neil Blender and Ed Templeton with the photographer O taking pictures of us. Next thing I know, up rolls a white Ford Taurus and out pops Natas and Mike Vallely!” The Chrome Ball Incident reached a new high with #133: the Jason Lee interview.

JHAKX VIDEO 2019 is a new one from Takeshi Nagamatsu, filmed in Japan and NYC and featuring plenty of footage from our friends.

Dave Abair attacks the San Francisco hills and finds lines that shouldn’t exist in his Novia part.

Kevin Liedtke’s part in the Philadelphia-based Vanish is short but sweet, full of ledge lines and quick reflex spots.

Pass~Port spent a few days at the first completed in the remote indigenous community of Bidyadanga in northwestern Australia. Check out Waiting For The Rains while you’re waiting for their full-length to drop stateside.

The New York Times magazine published an excellent profile of Tyshawn Jones with some key words from none other than Tyshawn’s mom.

Skateboarding is actually improving your city by transforming urban spaces and tackling social issues, Chris Lawton writes for CityLab.

Couple of summer trips to NYC: Volcom, with some unbelievable ollies, and Dickies, with the #JkJhnsn postscript.