A Minor Inconvenience

Have you already watched Josh Stewart’s first Raw Tapes, documenting a trip up and down the Amazon river? If not, what are you waiting for?

From Nick Boserio’s opening slam to Oski’s post-credits victory lap, “Polar Rico” is the feel-good promo of the summer (thus far).

Dom Henry’s part in the Manchester-based Cottonopolis is his third full part to drop this year, proving that his recent bump up to pro status was well-deserved.

Longtime Theories aficionados should already know we’re huge fans of Yoan Tailllandier’s work, so we’re beyond psyched to see that Minuit is making a return. The latest one was filmed in France and Italy and features Static alum Yaje Popson alongside James Coleman, Pat Hoblin, Logan Lewis, and co.

Lost footage, barnyard mini ramps, and mysticism in Jake Rupp’s Chrome Ball Incident interview.

Vale Do Anhagabau, the iconic tiered ledges in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the latest skateboarding landmark at risk of destruction. Plazas like this are way too important to watch fall, so sign the petition the locals are circulating to try and protect the spot.

Something new coming from the Sabotage guys in 2020...

Matt Price made a magazine celebrating Fred Gall. Jenkem threw a party in honor of said magazine.

What was originally supposed to be a chat about Dan Magee and Kevin Parrott’s Cover Version branched off into an all-encompassing discussion about filming a video in 2019, including the ethics of ‘owning’ spots, sharing footage in the group chat, and ‘future proofing’ clips. The video premieres tonight in London, and is hopefully available for mass consumption soon.