Eight Days Out

In case you’ve been living under a rock since the last round-up, Chrystie’s Chapter One hit the internet last Friday afternoon. Give it a watch for new footage from Brett Weinstein, Shane Farber, John Baragwanath, and the rest of the team before you reach what might be Aaron Herrington’s best part to date? Good job, guys.

For his latest Traffic model, Kevin Coakley teamed up with Dan Magee to pay homage to Blueprint, one of Kevin’s first proper sponsors and one of the all-time great brands. Read up a little bit about the board before revisiting Make Friends With The Colour Blue (if you can’t tell, we don’t need much reason to revisit the Blueprint catalog).

Former Blueprint wunderkind Nick Jensen takes you behind the scenes on the creation of those great Isle graphics.

Alexis Sablone has been getting a lot of press lately and we are here for it. Her new interview with Skateism touches on every subject you’d want her to speak on.

On a similar topic, Jenkem interviewed seven women making a splash throughout skateboarding.


If The Sour Solution II somehow wasn’t enough for you, Sour just dropped Sick But Suck, a pretty hefty edit of b-sides and leftover footage from their aforementioned full-length.

Polar posted the photos from their article in the new Thrasher, documenting their recent trip to Japan. Seems like Nick Boserio didn’t make it, but don’t fret: @vxtaousen remixed some of his footage from We Blew It At Some Point along with a few new clips for the gram.

Plenty of rough spots coming your way this week: some Polish crust in the Cracow Kids’ part from Neverwhere, and lots of abandoned house spots in MASTA 8, the latest from Busted.Mic.

Skating is easy for Zach Moore.

Finally, here are over twenty minutes of b-sides from Brandon Westgate’s “Bog Town” part to keep you occupied if it rains this weekend.

Homepage photo of Danny Renaud by Ian O’Connor, lifted from @politicbrand