Aaron Herrington takes you through spot-hunting, sobriety, and Borough Hall in his episode of Out There.

“To anybody that made it this far – well done but you really should have used your time way better.” Slam City is hosting a fantastic Jacob Harris interview where he touches on his early work and specific Atlantic Drift episodes before he delves into an offbeat selection of top five video parts on Quartersnacks. Fun fact: we share a selection in our respective top fives.

Janoski Week over at Free Skate Mag has been a great remind of how uniquely talented Stefan Janoski was, and how well his skating has stood the test of time (particularly those Habitat parts). In case you haven’t checked it out yet, there are two retrospectives and a remix to dig into.

A minute or so of The Gonz skating some wooden ramps in a New Jersey parking lot, circa Video Days era.

Nothing but white marble and tile as far as the eye can see in Abstraite Relations x01, a new VX video out of Greece.

Finally, renovations to Lyon’s Hotel de Ville are officially underway. The next time you see the spot, it’ll be updated with brand new granite ledges and ground.

It’s a light week. Go dig into last week’s roundup for more stuff, because I’m sure you didn’t watch all that stuff.