Skate & Create

Coming out of the midwest is Brain Drain , a homie video from Preston Harper that focuses on some of the faces from Comb, the Send Help dudes, and Preston himself.

DOA dropped a “not-quite-a-new-video” video with a full part of Pat Washington in San Francisco from the early aughts.

The bar for skate podcast guests has never been lower than it was this week, which makes Mission Statement’s interview with Alex Olson all the sweeter.

Flashbacks of Naughty in Krooked’s “The Eyes.”

A couple more Skating is Easy parts: Nathan Cameron and Mike Lemnitzer.

We’re really going into uncharted territory with these spot-themed videos, it seems. Here’s one that was filmed exclusively in Dutch parking garages. “Holland is the Netherlands…”

Kenny Anderson, on the benefits of a plant-based diet and how to self-heal your own ankle.

Skateboardings first viral sensation lists off his favorite video parts.

Finally, rest in peace to Transworld Skateboarding, who announced this week that their latest issue will be their last. Transworld’s amazing thirty-six year run helped define my generation’s perception of skateboarding (I soaked up every issue I could get my preteen hands on) and served as a testament to the breadth and scope of what skateboarding truly entails. With their absence, there’s one fewer voice shaping our collective memories, and the skateboard media landscape is a little worse for it.

On the bright side, we get evenings back this weekend and highs are in the sixties next week. See you out there.

Homepage photo from @akciongoli.