Last-Minute Panic

Johnny Wilson resurrected his Vimeo account with over two minutes of Nik Stain charging at CBS, Worth Street, and Big Screen Plaza, some very tasteful Cyrus Bennett manuals, and appearances from most everyone else you’d expect to see.

The Frog team (if in spirit, not in letter) spent ten days in Atlanta, skating natural volcanoes and doing impossible tricks into the Bellsouth banks.

This week’s spot-centric montage: George Hanuschak at Washington D.C.’s Welfare Banks.

Jenkem and the Chrome Ball Incident interviewed two of the most seemingly well-adjusted people in skateboarding: Brandon Westgate and Silas Baxter-Neal, respectively.

Stevie Perez plumbed the depths of Los Angeles for cutty alley spots and long, fluid ledge lines in his new part for Lakai.

Shin Sanbongi flows through Chigasaki and Gran Canaria in this Solo Skate Mag feature.

The BSA Boys, the minds who brought you Whole Bitch, are back with Sober, a full length that’ll hopefully get you out of Blue Park and skating real spots this weekend.

Parts come and go in an instant nowadays, and it’s hard to keep track of every great video that comes out nowadays. That’s why we found it appropriate to plug Dave Caddo’s NYC part again, this time via Politic’s YouTube page.

Chrystie’s first full-length video premieres tomorrow, March 16th at the Wythe Hotel, with local premieres popping up nationwide. You don’t need us to tell you to show up.