Magenta’s latest video, Balade, hit the internet early last Friday. It’s full of all the smooth skating, good filming, and mellow tunes we know and love the brand for.

Sour Solution II was a smash hit this week, and for good reason: it’s got some of the wildest spot selection in recent memory. If you’ve somehow avoided the video up until this point, do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing before taking a look behind-the-scenes with Free Skate Mag.

Finally, Cafe blessed us with Ensemble, and we gotta say, if you weren’t already a Dom Henry fan, you will be soon. Again, if the video wasn't enough for you, Free Skate Mag’s got some photos.

Geoff Campbell’s spent the last few years filming a new full-length and compiling web edits together to make a box set of all his work. To whet your appetite for Duncan’s @ Three, he threw together a remix of Lincoln Square’s finest, Callum Paul.

Quartersnacks gave Polar am Andrew Wilson the remix treatment this week, as well. Check out their interpretation of his We Blew It At Some Point footage, with some loosies and unused footage thrown in for good measure.

For those of you who don't have the luxury of watching skate videos all day, listen to Joe Castrucci on The Bunt, and Jahmal Williams on Mission Statement.

Frog Skateboards' Bossa Nova is possibly their most concerted effort to date.

WKND am and USOTY 2018 contender Salomon Cardenas put in work for his Huf 002 part, and the raw footage isn't to be lost in the mix.

Finally, our little corner of the universe even hit the big time this past week: Chico Brenes' links with Nicaragua were illustrated in the New York Times, and Bing Liu's Minding the Gap is getting all the pre-Oscar coverage and hype it deserves.

Homepage photo of Nik Stain by Jonathan Mehring.