Grant Yansura threw together two minutes and change of Brian Anderson’s b-sides and unused angles from the last Nike video. It’s one of the most refreshing things we’ve seen in ages.

The new Seasons Skateshop video just sent us into a guilt spiral about not visiting the Empire State Plaza when the weather was warmer.

Tom Knox: not a Kasperholic.

Full Clip is a pretty low-key video out of Norway. Lots to dig here, but I’m especially fond of the way skateboarding sounds when captured by Hi8.

Couple of random ones from the Carhartt team in Paris.

Alexis Sablone’s list of songs to play on repeat, courtesy of Jenkem.

Our target demographic should be very familiar with Steve Brandi’s favorite skater.

Static alum, Traffic pro, and true one-of-a-kind Mark Wetzel just got the compilation treatment. Expect some hairy spots, impossible ledge combos, and plenty of night footage.

Speaking of Traffic, the infamous “Spot Seekers” tour article from a 2005 Transworld Skateboarding (complete with transcript!) somehow snuck by me.

Photo of Sparrow Knox and John Rattray lifted from @scienceversuslife