Captive Audience

Alexis Sablone has been a friend and office favorite for a minute now, so we’re obviously super psyched on her new “Welcome to Converse” clip. Looking forward to more tricks over trash cans in the coming year!

In case you missed it, the latest installment of “Inside the Skater’s Studio” features Spirit Quest mastermind Colin Read and certified fake bald head Taylor Nawrocki sounding off about hidden gorillas and shitting in flowerpots.

The eighth episode of Tombo’s “Raw Deals” might be his best yet. This one dates back to 2004 and has a bunch of Andy Bautista footage you may recognize from Via.

Heitor da Silva just jumped to the top of your favorite skater’s list of favorite skaters with his Adidas part.

Leo Carroll-Capp’s “Shakespeare’s Head” is a mini-European vacation stuffed into a six minute clip.

“Beltway” is a new video series highlighting the Washington, D.C. area. Watch Exit 1 now.

On a similar note: this one’s a little outside our normal wheelhouse, but it’s a slow week and I’m a sucker for Baltimore footage.

The Gronze iPhone video: because twenty three minutes of skating in a temperate climate is exactly what you wanna watch the weekend of a blizzard.

Homepage photo of Christian Maalouf by Richard Hart