WKND’s magnum opus, Sir Palmer, is finally live! Watch the alleyway antics of Alex Schmidt and the tasteful trick selection of Trevor Thompson, and a family vacation to Paris.

As skateboarding’s collective hangover wears off, Dime Glory Challenge coverage is trickling in. Thrasher’s got a full-length video recap and photos, and Jenkem has a behind-the-scenes look at the contest and hill bomb challenge.

Atlantic Drifter Remy Taveira recently left Antiz, his longtime board sponsor. Rather than angrily posting a passive-aggressive Instagram post, the brand decided to celebrate his tenure with a farewell clip. Isn’t that nice?

New Balance Numeric’s latest video, MY ROAD, highlights Karl Salah, Pedro Biagio, and Dan Leung in their respective corners of the globe.

LOVE Park local Jimmy Gorecki is the latest on the Nine Club.

It seems like Lee Yankou’s Baby Blue part is the last Blue Tile Lounge is posting online.

I’m not really sure what Brain Drain is, but this minute-long promo features clips from Jon Rowe, Preston Harper, Randy Ploesser, and plenty of other Midwest heads.

Couple of Theories things we hope you didn’t miss this week: European spot porn and an interview with Chicagoan wunderkind, Brett Weinstein.

A month and change until we lose an hour. Get some skating in while you can.