Sophomore Slump

Our friends at Magenta collaborated with our other friends at State to drop a special colorway. They celebrated with this rad video of Ben Gore cruising some Parisian streets. Isn't it nice when everyone gets along?

Speaking of Paris, upstate New York native, Japhey Dow, took some friends and a VX1000 to the city for two weeks. You might have also missed this one from Dow and Taryn Ward, but it's worth the repost.

"I emailed back jokingly saying that he could get me out of retirement to shoot some skateboarding but I would need Geoff (Rowley),  Tom (Penny) and Carl (Shipman) there. He messaged straight back saying: 'It’s funny you should say that because Geoff is already here and Tom steps off the plane in an hour.'" An interview with UK based photographer Wig Worland for Grey Skate Mag.

A couple of web series dropping on Thrasher that you might have missed:

  • Gronze Island focuses on Max Geronzi and co. bouncing through the tropics, skating rad spots, and making very difficult tech tricks look easy.
  • Antiz's "Echoes From The Road" episodes have been a treat every Friday for the past month or so. Keep an eye out for Atlantic Drifter Remy Taveira among the madness.

Thrasher post their full coverage of DC's highly controversial Street Sweeper video. Josh Kalis was also spotted in the Quartersnacks comments page last week, dropping knowledge about twenty-year-old photos of switch back noseblunts.