"IMPORT" By Street Beers (A TOA Exclusive)

We're always stoked to be able to help promote underground skateboarding from around the world. And it's especially rad to showcase skate scenes that don't get enough love, like the scene down in sweltering Miami, Florida. With the disappearance of MIA skate shop we don't get to see enough of the rad squad holding it down in the Miami streets. But that's where Manny Valdes has stepped in with his VX to keep the up and coming skaters visible to the outside world and capture the culture that is exclusive to Miami.

So thanks to Manny for giving the opportunity to host this new project. And we're happy to present to you Josh Narvaez, Eric Torres, Ariel Alvarado, Jimmy Lannon, Jeremy Chavez, Koki Loaiza, Rene Perez, Josh Ferguson, Marcus Levi and many more in "Import" by Manny Valdes