Waiting Game

A couple of long lines and a few quickfooted stunts from Tom Knox should keep you sated until the next Atlantic Drift drops.

Eric Thomas represents the Midwest to the fullest in his Grains part.

HOPPS am and all-around smooth operator Dustin Eggeling has a rad section in Mixtape, vol. 3. Read more on the project over at Live Skate Media.

If you haven't already done so, set aside some time to read this excellent Ocean Howell interview on skateboarding, academia, and public space. 

While you're waiting for the new Polar video, We Blew It At Some Point, to hit the internet, revisit this Pontus Alv "interview" from the mid-2000s, courtesy of some dude on Slap.

This Nike I-58 tour clip features one hodgepodge of a lineup, but there are some gems from Bobby Worrest, Cyrus Bennett, and Alex Olson mixed about.