We went to Mexico last winter. Mike Heikkila took pictures. The article ran in Transworld a few months back, and it's just now hitting the web.

For better or for worse, the majority of Columbus Park is back in action.

Congrats to Isle pro Tom Knox on his New Balance colorway! Keep your eyes peeled for a new Tom Knox part on Thrasher this afternoon.

Live Skate Mag just dropped an extensive retrospective on Soy Panday, an office favorite.

Treat yourself to some new footage of Gunes ร–zdogan cruising through Barcelona, courtesy of FTC. 

Oscar Candon's latest part is moody and full of Parisian spots you've come to know and love.

New Mike Chin and Brent Atchley footage in Portland Public Skating 2.

In Quasi news, Thrasher uploaded Justin Henry's Mother part as a stand-alone, and Josh Wilson posted a grip of GX1000 offcuts from a few years back.

Jenkem called up Daewon to chat about flirting with the gangster life and the difficulties he had initially pursuing skateboarding. How rare do you think these types of interviews will be in the future?

About an hour's worth of raw footage from that D.C. video a few weeks back: John Gardner, John Shanahan, assorted montage clips.