Give Way

In case you missed it, check out "Introduction," an exclusive new video piece for Theories of Atlantis from Tampa Bay's Busted Mic.

Steve Fletch, formerly of Northern Co, came out swinging hard with this promo for D.O.A., his latest venture. Will skateboarders ever embrace poets other than Bukowski and Ginsberg?

Dan Kreitem's Yardsale video highlights an oft-overlooked slice of London. 

Remember Tuukka Korhonen, from Make Friends With The Colour Blue? Well, after almost losing his leg, he's back, alongside Pirkka Pollari in SLP 100V

New Balance kicks off a potential Summer Trip to New Zealand trend with "Gathering of the Govs," featuring our friends Alexis Sablone and Dom Henry, as well as a wild Brandon Westgate kickflip.

Some more Candid Glitter b-sides: Garrett Haschke and Victor Gonzalez.

In case the Quasi video wasn't enough for you, Josh Wilson is the latest guest on The Bunt. Meanwhile, Static veteran Jeff Lenoce is on the Nine Club to discuss, of all things, rising board prices.