Most everything that dropped this week was overshadowed by Mother, the latest porno by Quasi. Features unearthed Jake Johnson footage, Gilbert Crockett wearing large pants, Dick Rizzo on some unforgiving spots, Josh Wilson skating very fast, etc, etc.

Speaking of pornos, read up a little big on the origins of the VX1000, courtesy of Jenkem.

Buzzed heads and velcro shoes abound in the 2018 One Star World Tour feature, in which the Converse farm league travels through Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, and Europe.

From the mind of DANY comes "aight bet," a Hardbody production featuring Static V alums Yaje Popson and Kevin Tierney. 

Fresh off his latest part, Tyler Thomas dropped a minute of footage in Baltimore and the greater DMV area. Insert reference to The Wire here.

Brian Panebianco chats a bit about a post-Love Philadelphia. This actually dropped a month ago, but we're really bad about posting stuff from Village Psychic. Sorry, guys!

Finally, Jake Knapp compiled a documentary to celebrate four decades of 35th Avenue, one of Washington's best skateshops. Congrats, guys!