It's been almost two weeks since BETAMAXIMUM dropped, but revisit the Palace team's time in Hawaii (complete with photos!) while you wait for the next Atlantic Drift to drop.

Longtime readers already know we're huge fans of Yoan Taillandier. He recently unearthed "MINUIT: San Francisco," a time capsule to the mythical time of 2013, featuring a medley of our favorite Magenta affiliates. 

Dan Wolfe's Chrome Ball Incident interview dives into the background of all of your favorite videos (and some of your least favorites). 

We've all seen Cyrus Bennett's kickflip on Instagram this week, but peep the full Nike tour clip through the desert with Polar pros Oski Rozenberg and Hjalte Halberg.

Brad Cromer is one of the few dudes who can entice us into watching eight minutes of vertical filming

The minds behind Read and Destroy, a seminal view of British skateboarding throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s, are hosting a kickstarter to get a properly published archive of the mag off the ground. Pony up.

Finally, if you haven't already seen it, Mother is premiering regionally worldwide this weekend before dropping online on Monday. Pay attention to their Instagram stories for more details.