Back to Normal

A little late on the uptake with this bit of news, but high jumper extraordinaire Christian Maalouf is WKND's newest pro. We're waiting with bated breath for that part to drop next week, guys.

On a similar note, Frog Skateboards inducted Pat Gallaher into the pro ranks last night, where he joins the likes of Hjalte Halberg. Congrats!

Going through some serious GX1000 withdrawals since their last montage? Don't fret! Thrasher just posted twenty minutes of outtakes and b-sides from 'El Camino.'

More b-sides! Alltimers in Los Angeles! Pastel colors!

For his birthday, Colin Read gifted us the Aquatic Journey section of Spirit Quest, for all six of you who somehow haven't seen this masterpiece in its entirety yet. 

More stuff you've probably seen: Ben Gore's Static IV part. Damn, it's been four years already?

Summer trips to New York City? Nah, summer trips to Italy. The Carhartt WIP team squeezes some skating in after some wine tasting sessions in Sotto Torchio.

I haven't had a chance to listen to Steven Cales' episode of The Nine Club yet, but featuring guests with real life experience is always a good sign.

Finally, we're sure you've seen Jake Johnson's heavy-hitting Purple part, but that's not gonna stop us from plugging another solo upload, or linking to his corresponding Thrasher interview. Waiting for that Quasi video...

Homepage photo of Josh Wilson by Mike Heikkila