Beyond Cliche

#ICYMI: Evan Kinori is the latest Artist of Theory.

Mother, the first full-length from Quasi Skateboards and arguably one of the most anticipated videos of this generation, premieres mid-July in NYC, Ohio, and Richmond. Get there.

This month in print, Max Palmer graces the cover of Grey Skate Mag with a tropical frontside noseslide, while Mike Arnold wields another treacherous hippy jump for the cover of Free Skate Mag. Congrats to the pair, as to Alex Pires, who shot both covers.


So I guess kids just roll straight into walls now, like it's no thing? Nineteen minutes of outtakes and b-sides from southern wunderkind and Candid Glitter star, Shane Farber.

Some dudes get to meet up at marble plazas. Others aren't so lucky. Watch the WKND team in Stories, where they piss away a Saturday skating garbage in a parking lot.

The enigmatic figure behind the Cult of Tom unearthed three of his favorite TP clips, all of which date back to 1994 and involve a sketchy demo setup in the deep South.

Alexis Lacroix (and Rita!) star in Quartersnacks' fifth installment of the Dime Instagram compilations.

Do full parts actually matter anymore? Jenkem makes a strong argument for the contrary.

Michael Mackrodt is back in Paris with another episode of 'Fishing Lines.' Expect impossibly long lines at some of the craziest spots imaginable.

Finally, Pittsburgh son and perpetual flow guy Austin Kanfoush got the pro nod from Anti Hero last night. 

Beach time.