Raging, Full On

Like we're not gonna start by reminding you to watch Patsy, the latest edit from Theories of Atlantis.

There's been a heavy push of spot-centric parts this week, perhaps in an effort to get you to bypass the skatepark in favor of your local meet-up spot? Regardless. check out:

  1. Our dude Taylor Nawrocki at the Willamsburg Monument in Brooklyn.
  2. Jacopo Carozzi at Milan's timeless Stazione Centrale, edited by none other than Yoan Talliander.
  3. WKND dropped a Stories edit, featuring their recent parking lot antics, on Wednesday. Expect to see it online sooner rather than later.

Widdip premiered Candid Glitter this month, an unorthodox look into the Atlanta skate scene. Maybe I'm biased, but you'll want to carve out some time for this one.

Gabe Kehoe's Comb is available for viewing in its entirety. You've seen it piece-by-piece, now watch the whole thing to figure out how those St. Louis dudes took crust to another level.

Speaking of full lengths, we're anxiously awaiting Quasi's Mother video. The (half) hour draws near.

Listen to Mouse cameraman Tim Dowling on the Nine Club, before listening to Keith Hufnagel on Jamie Thomas's new podcast.

Another round of Alltimers b-sides, courtesy of Quartersnacks.