Hey, Mom

By now, you had to have seen Purple. If not, put it on your list for weekend viewing, and if you already have, watch Jake's part again.

If the Cons video didn't satisfy your cravings for Kenny Anderson footage, remixes are already starting to pop up. One focuses primarily on his Purple offering, while the other is a little more comprehensive.

The TF's favorite son and Static V alum dropped a new VX part on Thrasher this week, as well as a subsequent follow-up interview where he chats circulation, creative outlets, and yes, avocados.

ICYMI, Traffic am Joe Yates has an interview over on Live Skateboard Media.

Polar am Andrew Wilson steals the show in "Marseille," Carhartt WIP's latest clip.

Delving into the subtleties of board geometry can drive me to the brink of madness, but if you're not scared of any of that, Jenkem has a rad piece on the cult following behind different Independent Truck models.

Griffin Gass excels in a city where it rains a majority of the year and winter days end at 4:19 P.M.