Spur of the Moment

One of my favorite things about skateboarding in 2018 is how a video part from parties you've never heard of can make you totally reevaluate both the scene and the skater. Case in point: Bret Gregory's part in Historia, featuring the ever-rare scoliosis grind.

Chris Thiessen, of the Threads Idea Vacuum, just dropped the master timeline of his Instagram series, old earthWatch it and get psyched for Pacemaker.

Quartersnacks compiled some Bobby Worrest footage lost to web clips and his Krooked part for a particularly sensual remix earlier this week.

Smalls posted Stan Karbine's part from Stop Fakin' 3.

The latest trailer for Chris Mulhern's upcoming Love Park documentary, 15th and JFK, highlights a name you probably haven't heard in a while.

Devoted Theories of Atlantis patrons will have already read Village Psychic's latest installment of the Rules of Skateboarding, featuring none other than Josh Stewart.

It took me the better part of Wednesday to realize why people were posting their favorite 411VM clips all over Instagram. Transworld uploaded 411VM #1 in full quality to celebrate the occasion.

Hope everyone's ready for some 70 degree weather this weekend.