Rest On Your Laurels

Cons and Grey came through with "Pastel," another clip focusing on the exploits of the Euro team, this time filmed in Lisbon, Portugal.

Subjects discussed in Chris Jones's Free Skate Mag interview: alcohol poisoning, the Israeli Defense Forces, the roots of Eleventh Hour, and more.

This week's "clip that was posted last Friday afternoon that you've probably already seen, but maybe not" is Paradise Lost, the Scumco edit from their time in Puerto Rico.

Kevin Rodrigues on injuries and the jump to Hockey.

I just realized that Aaron Meza's appearance on the Nine Club is probably related to Crailtap's newly remastered video archive.

Unbeknownst to the world, Transworld is in the midst of remastering all the old episodes of ON Video. They just uploaded the segment on Video Days earlier this week.

Some kind soul on Slap recently posted Popwar's second Video Hype teaser in full quality.

And Magenta implores you to Just Cruise with their latest full length.