"It's both inspiring and disheartening watching him do the hardest tricks on trips and then asking him for weed money." - Jamal Smith on the Palace team manager.

London's historic Southbank is safe from demolition, but there's still a long way to go to get the spot back to its former glory. Get some insight into Long Live Southbank's goals and watch some of the locals go to work via "Pillars of Society" on the Jenkem site.

Jeremy Wray gets Chrome Ball'd.

Crailtap is remastering all their classic videos, starting with Goldfish and Las Nueve Vidas de Paco. Fun fact: the former features my favorite Mike Carroll part.

Chocolate pro and Static alum Vincent Alvarez on life in Los Angeles, new projects, and more.

Krooked went to Minnesota and shot off some fireworks. 

Seems like everything of worth has been dropping on Friday afternoon. Case in point: this Grand Collection clip is a week old, but has yet to be featured in a roundup.

Colin Read also posted Ryan Barlow's Spirit Quest part last Friday, as well. I guess one of the many upsides to a ninety-minute-long skate video is that you never run out of parts to plug?