Coast to Coast

Looks like we can expect Pacemaker, the newest one from the Threads crew, sooner rather than later.

The latest inductee to the annals of the Chrome Ball Incident is mini ramp champ Barker Barrett.

After a year-long lull, the Blobys are back with "Zdroopy," a seven-minute-long montage that's heavy on the Vincent Touzery and Karl Salah, and a Cons clip curated by none other than Kevin Rodrigues.

Lots of familiar faces in John Valenti's latest video, N.Y. Archives, now up in full on his YouTube channel. Good work, boys.

Broadcasting from Tokyo, Shintaro Hongo's [PICK UP] part is full of all the quick-footed goodness you've come to love about that scene.

Witness Daniel Kim's groeth and progression at Washington D.C.'s welfare banks in his Stop Fakin' 3 part, available now on the webstore.

While on the subject of the DMV area, if you haven't already watched Zach Lyons' part from Lake Trout, the newest one from Bohtz Hardware, what are you waiting for?

More Paris! Romain Batard dropped a sixth "Giddy" episode, which means I should probably go check out the previous five.