Like you haven't already listened to the latest Nine Club, and haven't already watched Hiroki Muraoka's Look Left part.

Evisen uploaded Shor West's part from the aptly titled Evisen Video for the whole world to see. That last roll-in, though...

"A coherent object, be it a magazine or a record or whatever else, has more gravitas and substance than the literally endless disjointed Insta images or YouTube videos or whatever; they’re anchorless, ephemeral." Live Skateboard Media interviewed Richard Hart, of the always-excellent Push Periodical

Lotta good shop videos dropped this week. In order: Season Skateshop's Albany II; Mission Skateshop's The Mission Skateshop Video; and No Comply's Vol. 11.

Maybe it's the relative otherness of Europe, but Eniz Fazliov is simultaneously one of the most underrated and productive pros of his generation. Case in point: his part in Turso is his third or fourth five-minute-plus part to drop over the past few years. Full video here.

Sean Dahlberg dropped 2two2, a montage full of 917 friends and family offcuts, earlier this week. 

Love him or hate him, he's making waves. Tyshawn Jones for Jenkem.

Quartersnacks hosted international superstar and taste maker Franco's part from John Valenti's newest one, N.Y. Archives.