The Results Are In! Yonnie & Vincent Static IV Re-Edit Winner!

OMG! This was impossible! So many good edits and so many different takes on the same footage. We can’t thank everyone enough for participating and we’re really stoked on how successful this whole project ended up being. We narrowed down over 60 edits to only 8 selections and asked for the public to vote in the comments. And now 225 votes later we have our winner! Or, should I say “WINNERS”.

That’s right. After heavy debates here at TOA we had to balance between the popular vote in the TOA comments versus the “electoral college” vote from the TOA crew. Haha…..the votes in the comments went overwhelmingly to Anthony Capostagno, with nearly 120 people picking his edit over all others. But the TOA/Lakai votes leaned a little harder towards the edit compiled by Daniel Policelli. So it was a tough call on how to rank our top 3 favorites, but we finally made the call.


The TOA & Lakai crews had several different favorites but the collective opinion was that Daniel’s edit had the best balance of feel, editing and length. And it had a very nicely contained beginning, middle and end. A solid and smooth edit. Also, judging by the number of views on Daniel’s edit, his was watched nearly twice as many times over any other edit in the contest. Which we think gives pretty undeniable evidence that his was the most celebrated of all entries in the contest.


Anthony also crushed it and had not only several members of our crew backing it but he had an overwhelming amount of support online with 120 people voting for him in the TOA comments. We also really dug his use of the acapella verses from the Tribe crew spliced in at just the right moments, helping bring perfect closure to his edit. It IS really crazy that the two most popular edits out of over 60 entries both based their entire edits around the music of A Tribe Called Quest. How is that even possible? Regardless, the votes blatantly went to Anthony on TOA, so he’s taking a very proud 2nd place position.

And after careful consideration of votes versus views, it has been decided that we will award BOTH Daniel’s and Anthony’s edits with the same full size Theories x Lakai prize. So both Anthony and Daniel will be receiving a MASSIVE prize package including a pair of the new collab shoes, a gaggle of pieces from the whole collab collection and some extra goodies from Theories Brand.


We also have to give an honorable mention to another strong favorite edit, that of the mysterious editor known only as Xing. Using 3 well-chosen songs, he curated a really strong vibe throughout the piece and pulled off the nearly impossible task of making the 16mm street trumpet player footage seem relevant and matched the final song perfectly. His editing was spot-on and kept really strong pacing and tempo. Xing will not be left empty handed and we will also treat him to a smaller prize package but something we’re quite sure he’ll be stoked on.

Congratulations to the top picks from the contest and please make sure that we have your email contacts so that we can reach out and get your addresses and size preferences so we can hook you guys up properly. Now, I’m sure a lot of you will have some comments for us and some praise and criticism so let it all fly in the comments section and thanks to everyone for participating. There are a lot of strong edits that didn’t get included in the top 8 but it was just impossible to get all deserving edits in there or we could never have chosen a winner.

Until next time and all the best from Theories, Lakai and the TOA crew!