Heard It Through The Grapevine

It’s gotta be tough to follow up the absolute adrenaline rush of the latest GX1000 video, but we’ll try our best to keep you entertained this weekend.

This Independent tour clip through the rust belt might have initially flown under your radar, but Jake’s switch pole jam has been touted as “one of the gnarliest things to go down in Detroit.”

Tyler Bledsoe’s Mother rough cut is the latest (but hopefully not the last!) from Quasi.

Some urban exploration and a little history lesson paid off big for Jacopo Carozzi, Aref Koushesh and Martino Cattaneo. I can’t figure out what I’m more jealous of: the spot, or the t-shirt weather.

Village Psychic took a look behind the (former) Iron Curtain’s skate scene. An enlightening read, to say the least.

JB Gillet did a brief interview with Grey Skate Mag, where they mostly chatted about plazas.

Love them or hate them, Supreme is about to drop their first full-length in almost five years, so it might be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the key players and the filming process before it drops next week.

Yeah, it’s only a few tricks, but there’s no such thing as too much Bobby Worrest footage. Barcelona, 2016.

Finally, if you haven’t heard already, Hopps pro Steve Brandi took a major leap of faith on Monday morning and came out to the world. Congrats, Steve. We’re so psyched for you.