Here's To Feeling Good, All The Time

Obviously, the big news this week is the new Bronze56k video, It’s Time. Chock full of homemade animations, Ronson Lambert, switch hardflips, Sopranos references, and Jadakiss, it’s everything you’d expect and so much more.

This one might have gotten lost in Monday’s media blitz. “KBH Mixen” is a little summer mixtape from Tor Ström, with plenty of your favorite Polar riders and a great part from Ville Wester.

Jenkem interviewed Damon Way on the revitalization of DC Shoes. Some interesting industry insights hidden in this one, for all you nerds in the crowd.

On a similar note, Magenta x DC collaborated for a capsule, dropping soon. The commercial features skating from Leo Valls and animations by Mandible Claw.

Remember Guru Khalsa? Well, he’s back, with the Wake Robins crew from Texas! Check out Monarch for a look into what the Lone Star state has to offer. Hint: lots of earth tones.

GX1000 has a new (full length?) video premiering this Monday in San Francisco. These dudes likely put their lives on the line for what’s sure to be another instant classic, so if you’re in the area, pull up.

Danish ATV Hugo Boserup was interviewed over on Grey Skate Mag’s site.

Dick Rizzo’s Mother rough cut came through mere minutes after deadline last week. Maybe we should start publishing these on Saturdays going forward…

Finally, Jeremy Elkin’s Raw Tapes are drawing to a close. Watch episode 19 now, or save them all for a rainy day in the near future.

See you next week at the Theories x Lakai pop-up.