Pete Spooner’s got a new video coming out this winter, entitled Skating is Easy. Weird flex, Pete, but okay.

Some Bronze56K pieces to get you hyped for their new video (like you aren’t already):

Speaking of Bronze, here’s twelve minutes of raw footage, alternate takes, and b-sides from Josh Wilson’s part in Quasi’s Mother.

Alltimers hit New England for a concrete park tour and some light karaoke.

The next installment of Tombo Colabraro’s “Raw Deals” is live, highlighting a pretty diverse cast throughout NYC in the mid-2000s. So I guess they’re just skipping episode #003?

I usually hate remixes, but for whatever reason, I don’t hate this. Brandon Westgate’s 411 Rookies.

Billy Davenport’s got a four-year-old part live on the Free site, with an opening line for the books. Crazy how something like this could slip through the cracks for that long.