The new BRONZE56K video, It’s Time, premieres this Saturday at 93 Scott Avenue. All other videos to drop this fall will be considered white noise in comparison.

The Medium montage formula, as exemplified by RUST:

  1. pick a group of skateboarders no one has heard of

  2. travel to desolate corners of the globe

  3. produce the coolest montages from the experiences

The Magenta team got their Kenny Reed on and ventured east to Istanbul, Turkey.

Adidas spent their fair share of time in Paris over the past few months, and Heitor Da Silva is jumping to the top of everyone’s list of favorite skaters.

Kinda shocking how many skateboarding icons smoked crack.

Mode, the first full-length from Canal, makes good use of spots all around the five boroughs.

The Threads Idea Vacuum is premiering Crossover tomorrow in Baltimore! To stoke your appetite, here’s a little bit of Jason Spivey footage from Daniel Wheatley’s archives.

Jon Nguyen, the unsung hero of the Isle team, has a minute or so of footage up for Lawn Chair Hardware.

Pat Hoblin spends the duration of his “Paths” part seeking out hidden spots in nooks, crannies, and alleyways. Good work.