Brick, Marble, Granite, and Dirt

First things first, Carhartt WIP just welcomed Remy Taveira to the team with a new part, with guest appearances from... well, the Carhartt WIP team.

Charlie Cassidy's part in NY Archives, John Valenti's newest one, went live on the Transworld site yesterday. We forgot to plug last week's premiere, but the video is great. Can't wait to see the whole thing again.

Jenkem and Joey Sinko sent recent retiree Daniel Shimizu off in style.

St. Louis hardly seems like an epicenter of skate culture, but the St. Losers crew recently produced Comb, one of the best and most ambitious local videos I've seen in years. Check out the Send Help section of the video on Jenkem, if you haven't already done so.

Frozen in Carbonite interviewed Smalls, the mastermind behind the Stop Fakin' series, for Quartersnacks. If the idea of reading an entire interview scares you, fear not! Here's the Pulaski montage from Stop Fakin' 3, the final entry in the series.

The hyper-productive Sabotage crew spent their post-video vacation in Spain.

Alex Olson is the latest entry to the NIne Club's recent string of great episodes. If that left you jonesing for AO footage, Nike just posted a brief clip of Alex, Ishod, Antonio Durao, and Donovon Piscopo, among others, in San Francisco.