Oski is European Skater of the Year, Mike Arnold is Rookie of the Year, Jacob Harris is Filmer of the Year, and Atlantic Drift is Series of the Year. Congrats all around.

Mark Humienik and Nick Ferro's shared part in Calzone dropped right after deadline last Friday, Maybe we should start publishing these on Saturday morning, so that doesn't happen anymore. 

I'm sure you've seen Chris Jones' latest video part, but Free Skate Mag just dropped "365 Days on Planet Earth: Part 2," a look into some of the difficulties Chris encountered while filming his part.

While on the subject of Drifters, here's a mellow clip of Remy Taveira cruising through Costa Rica awhile back. Supposedly, he's got a new Carhartt part to look forward to, as well.

Big week for Supreme fans. Fat Bill divulges his roots in filming, comes through with some great stories from filming for Photosynthesis, Mind Field, and cherry, and warns of the dangers of Instagram oversaturation on The Nine Club, while Jason Dill pontificates on his career from 101 to Fucking Awesome in his new Bobshirt interview.

Adult Inc. is the newest board brand out of the east coast and features Theories associate Jerry Mraz, as well as Brian Douglas, Frankie Nash, and Jake Baldini.

Quartersnacks sifts through some of the best examples of linking seemingly disparate spots via lines in New York City. It's not NYC, but Mark Suciu's line covering both gaps at the San Francisco library is worthy of a shoutout.

Temperatures in the 50s this weekend. Go skate some dumb shit with your friends.

-Andrew Murrell