Dirty Boulevards

Last week, we got a GX1000 episode, and this week, a new Atlantic Drift? Man, 2018 is really checking off all the boxes quickly. Thrasher's got a gallery of photos from the crew's trip to San Francisco, as well.

With how quickly skateboarding moves nowadays, it's easy to forget that Mark Suciu produced a lifetime's worth of footage in hardly a year. Revisit the raw footage from his Search the Horizon part, circa 2013.

Originally posted in 2011, this fourteen minute compilation of footage from the Sixth Sense era recently resurfaced and was too good not to post. 

The Nine Club's been coming through with some solid guests over the past few weeks. The latest episode highlights Mark McKee, the World Industries artist responsible for several of your favorite graphics (and your favorite pro's least favorite graphics, it seems).

Tommy May braved the arctic conditions in Helsinki to bring you a rad video part for Free Skate Mag.

Quality over quantity this week, I guess? 

-Andrew Murrell