Repeat Offenders

Hot off the presses is the newest issue of Transworld Skateboarding, with none other than Polar pro Dane Brady gracing the cover. Congrats to both Dane and photographer Matt Price!

On the subject of Danes, watch Dane Barker crush around Los Angeles in some B-sides from his Lottie's Skateshop part.

If you haven't already seen it, check out Kevin Coakley's Jenkem interview and get pumped for Look Left, the newest Traffic video. It's a good one.

New Balance Tricolor raw footage and B-sides, in assumed descending order of interest for our audience: 

  1. PJ Ladd
  2. Flo Mirtain
  3. Franky Villani

Weekly Nik Stain Update: Supreme and Nike's Air Max 2 clip, along with Vincent Touzery, Eric Koston, and Kyron Davis. You might want to watch this one on mute.

If Nik Stain has been most-featured skater in these roundups for four weeks now, WKND is easily the most-featured brand. They just welcomed Alexis Sablone to the team with a ripping part and a pro model. Any way we can get an 'east coast power mouse' graphic?

Is anyone out there not a fan of AVE? If so, may I ask why?


Waylon Bone filmed the first half of Yaje Popson's day to promote his new Tompkins board on Alien Workshop.

Summer Fridays are over for everyone, so I know you guys have time to watch this eleven minute remix of all of Rick Howard and Mike Carroll's 411VM appearances.

'Euro Dudes' should be considered a slur in skateboarding. Watch Eniz Fazliov and Rob Maatman's part in last year's Made, Chapter 2 over on the Free Skate Mag website.

That's all for me. Bye.

-Andrew Murrell