Mark Wetzel Full Static IV Part Live

Mark Wetzel, aka Mark the Shark, is one of the most 'street' street skaters on the east coast. Keeping the flame of Philadelphia's haydey still burning, Mark always finds the most unique way to approach a spot that most skaters would never have imagined. 

And with the fast approaching release of the new full length Traffic Skateboards video we figured it appropriate to post his part up for everyone to get another glimpse at and find some inspiration for their next shred.

Not only is Mark an awesome skater and also a freelance artist doing dope graphics for brands like Traffic,  he's also a full time high-school art teacher. Pretty crazy! He filmed this Static IV part late nights after work and on the weekends, often driving 2 hours up to NYC from New Jersey filming until 1am-2am and then driving all the way back home just in time to get about 2 hours sleep before heading back into work in the morning. Hard work but hot damn, it was worth it......enjoy!