Overlooked, Underfed

Somehow, when the conversation turns to timeless spots where new tricks still matter, the Le Dome hubba always gets overlooked. Maybe because we see the double set so frequently, but the hubba so seldom? Whatever the reason, Eniz Fazliov's front blunt was all over Instagram yesterday, but a trick that gnarly is worth taking another look at. If you didn't get a chance to see the full Volcom in Paris clip, don't worry. The Slap boards have your back.

I try to avoid relying too much on Instagram for the roundups, but Nik Stain's back smiths are too good to pass over.

Steve Caballero gets Chrome Balled.

Kevin Tierney and Quartersnacks got together and collaborated on a clip intended to make you feel like you didn't skate enough this summer. It worked.

ScumCo & Sons are already preparing for Tokyo 2020. Does beer show up on a drug test?

Jesus Fernandez seems like an interesting contender for a documentary, but Free Skate Mag came through with one, regardless.

Jenkem came through with a solid take on where skateboarding's current obsession with nostalgia will take the culture.

While we're on the subject of nostalgia, Mike Carroll did an ollie.

This took forever to upload. I hope you appreciate it.

This took forever to upload. I hope you appreciate it.

I know I usually save this space for a solo video part, but I've been watching this one a ton lately. Was anyone as cutting edge and as ahead of their time as Krooked was at the end of the aughts? 

Hope you guys are enjoying highs in the high 70s this weekend. I know I will be.

-Andrew Murrell