Three Day Work Weeks

It's been a slow week, content-wise, but we're going with quality over quantity for this roundup.

First things first, a huge congratulations to Static alumni Yonnie Cruz for his long-awaited pro debut on Chocolate! We haven't seen the Lakai video yet, but if his footage is anything like the footage he stacked for GX1000, we're certainly looking forward to his contributions.

If you haven't seen the new episode of Atlantic Drift yet, set place in our very own New York City, stop everything you're doing and watch the crew and a huge gaggle of Theories friends kill it. Also, a major congratulations to recent SOLO cover boy Sylvain Tognelli, shot by none other than Alex Pires. Side note: shouldn't Thrasher be running these Atlantic Drift articles?

You'd think three Euro dudes skating some Los Angeles schoolyards would be a real "fish out of water" scenario, but Casper Brooker, Kyron Davis, and Korahn Gayle seemed to adapt to the spots just fine. Check out "Toxic City" on Free Skate Mag's website for more.

Josh Kalis, Bobshirt interview. Need we say more? 

We've got a lot coming out of Canada this week. The apt-titled Blue Collar Hardware video features most everyone from the Dime and Antisocial scene, and it looks like Clubgear is kicking off a video series entitled "Observing the Earth". If you were a fan of Squad Massage, you'll definitely wanna check this out.

Skate Jawn published a rad interview with Jonathan Mehring covering the demise of Skateboarder, working with National Geographic, making up stories for articles, and more.

Finally, before Habitat and GX1000, Brian Delatorre was just a relatively unknown Think am in big tie dye shirts, quietly leaving his mark on New York City and San Francisco in Welcome to MIA. Revisit this one and go bomb a hill this weekend.

-Andrew Murrell