Heat Stroke

First things first, the N.Y.P.D. fixed the holes in the fences at the Brooklyn Banks with zip ties, so until someone takes the five minutes to cut through those with a razor blade, enjoy some new and old footage from the spot.

One of our office favorites here at TOA Justin Henry has some new 8mm footage for Brixton.

Quartersnacks made it out to Copenhagen, the land of "straight [fucking] ledges, man", and came back with a new montage to honor their upcoming collaboration with Street Machine. I'm only speaking for myself, but I could watch Hjalte Halberg skate that playground spot for hours.

In podcast news, Static alumni and esteemed Texan Nate Broussard makes a rare appearance on 500 Fahrenheit, and OG east coast head Vinny Ponte is in the hot seat over at The Nine Club. Jenkem assured us that C-Rob, Roger Bagley, and Kelly Hart will be immune from Soundcloud's imminent demise, but where does that leave the rest of our favorite podcasts? And what ever happened to The Tim O'Connor Show?

Antonio Durao is going to have a Transworld part, it seems.

Adidas took a long, if not somewhat scattered, look at Los Angeles with "Mid-City Merge". Highlights include some great Dennis Busenitz footage, a few Chewy Cannon tricks, and a Brian Jonestown Massacre song. Truthfully, I can't understood why BJM was never fully embraced by skateboarding culture, a la Dinosaur Jr or David Bowie.

If you asked me in January what I thought 2017 would hold, a PJ Ladd part would have been pretty low on the list. But, here we are.

Seems like a slow week this time around. Maybe the heat's got everyone scared to leave their apartment? Who knows? This week, I leave you with a seldom-seen promo from the South, featuring one of my top-five favorite parts. Enjoy.

-Andrew Murrell