Happy When It Rains

Let's get the obvious link out of the way: Colin Read uploaded Matt Town's nocturnal Spirit Quest part for all you cheapskates who won't plunk down $20 for one of the best video releases of the decade.

From Bobby Puleo and Jake Johnson, to AVE and the Supreme kids, Quartersnacks dove headfirst into the skateable history of Columbus Park (though I can't believe Cyrus Bennett's ollie into the bank didn't get a shoutout). They've done a few of these pieces over the years, so if you're looking for a nice way to waste away a rainy afternoon, look no further.

Photo by Colin Sussingham

This one might sneak past your radar, but Transworld just posted eight minutes of raw John Shanahan footage from his semi-recent LurkNYC part. Dude is killing the bump-to-obstacle game, that's for sure.

Butter Goods went to Melbourne for a few weeks and returned with some smooth tunes and smoother skating. Seems like it's impossible not to be productive out there.

It's a very Transworld-centric roundup this week. Here's the montage from Riddles in Mathematics, highlighting Stevie Perez, Jake Johnson, David Clark, the WKND bros, and a few others.

The Nine Club hosted Andrew Reynolds for their best episode in recent memory. If you sat through the whole episode and are fiending for some Boss footage (and are willing to sit through some product plugs), Emerica remixed some classic clips with some new shit.

Okay, I might be in the minority regarding this one, but I'm thrilled at the prospects of any sort of full length 917 video. Cyrus, Max Palmer, Nik Stain, and Vincent Touzery? Sign me up.

In honor of today's forecast, I leave you with a part from one of the wettest (and weirdest) skate scenes in the continental United States of America.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Anyone going to that Anti Hero video premiere tonight? I'll see you there.

-Andrew Murrell