If anyone in the New York City area hasn't heard yet, that new DIY spot at the Utica A stop is a no-go. Max Palmer was arrested this past week for the heinous crime of building and skating, and the undercover behind the spot's demise claims he'll arrest anyone he sees on the premises. Fun while it lasted. Also remember this one?

A major shout out to Colin Read for directing the new Radiohead video! If you haven't seen it already, take a look here, and keep an eye out for some Theories of Atlantis affiliates popping up in the background. Seems like the video is being received well, but thanks for not making Spirit Quest so paranoia inducing.

While on the subject of Spirit Questยธ Colin posted Isle pro and highwater legend Chris Jones' part earlier this week. If you somehow haven't seen this one yet, set aside a few minutes to watch him tackle some of the toughest spots New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo have to offer. Hopefully it's obvious, but we're super stoked on this one.

R.I.P. Prodigy. Quartersnacks wrote a few words about Prodigy's spokeperson in skateboarder, but I'd like to call your attention to the beat that kicks in as Jake Johnson nollie 180s over the bar in GX1000 -- the two are already inseparable in my mind. Plus, who could forget about Pete Eldridge's mid-cigarette run a few years back?

The Bunt's been on one lately. This week's target is switch 360 flip master and newly sober Brian Wenning. Can't wait to see that Habitat reissue on shop shelves! Speaking of podcasts, 500 Fahrenheit sat down with Magenta pro Soy Panday.

Chops picks Dan Drehobl's brain about cigarettes, diabetes, Phil Shao, tight transitions, Neil Diamond, and more on the Chrome Ball Incident. Seems like these interviews are coming out on a semi-weekly basis now, and we couldn't be happier about that.

Jake Kuzyk threw together what appears to be some b-sides from last year's Antisocial shop video out of Vancouver. Smooth tunes, great filming, cruising through the city, and plenty of Dustin Henry and Kevin Lowry -- what more could you ask for?

And finally, in case you've blown through the internet this week, revisit Tom Knox's Blueprint x Emerica part from 2011. This one falls through the cracks a fair bit, but it's a pretty good indicator of some of the wild, quick-footed lines he'd be handling later on in his career. Can't believe Emerica slept on him for so long.  - Andrew Murrell