Elkin Raw Tapes: Episode 3

If you haven't checked in on the TOA site in a while you might have missed the launching of an awesome new weekly feature called Elkin Raw Tapes, bringing you incredible 7-8 minute edits of raw footage captured in the streets of NYC by Jeremy Elkin while he was working on several different video projects including his own videos "The Brodies" and "Elephant Direct" as well as his contributions to projects like Static IV and the Polar Skate Co video.

The eclectic mix of talent and personalities that Jeremy captured between 2010 until the present is really amazing and this week's episode includes such shredders as Aaron Herrington, Leo Gutman, Billy Rohan, Daniel Kim, Rob Campbell, Rodney Torres, Joseph Delgado and a slew of others. So let's stop talking and start watching......enjoy the newest episode of Elkin Raw Tapes!