Airing of Grievances

As previously promised, Grey Skate Mag came through with Island this past Monday. Watch Tom Day and Zach Riley skate some of the crustiest spots imaginable before heading to Grey's website for some background on the video.

More high quality #content from across the Atlantic: NEXT, a long-form montage from Quentin Guthrie, capped off with a particularly awesome Dom Henry part. Great Britain skateboarding has really done well for itself this year, no?

Barely three months after dropping REALM, Deep Dish is at it again with crypto., a collaboration with Snack Skateboards that'll make you pine for warmer weather. If there was any doubt before, this will confirm that Brett Weinstein is definitely in the window.

The National Skateboard Co. just dropped a six minute promo to welcome Joshua Gregory to the team and celebrate Denis Lynn's newfound professional status.

"Liberado," the newest offering from State Footwear, is a pleasant little glimpse into an oft-overlooked chunk of Spain, chock full of great spot selection and more (seemingly) great weather. You'll be watching this one more than once.

[sv] POPCORN VIDEO II gets a head start on the early 2000s nostalgia.

It's Sabotage 5 week over at Thrasher. In order of appearance: Joey O'Brien, Zach Panebianco, Brian Panebianco, and Kevin Bileyu.

While on the subject of Love Park, Chris Mulhern just dropped a new trailer for 15th & JFK.

Happy (early) Festivus, everyone. If anyone has any problems with me, I'd love to hear them, and possibly fight you.

-Andrew Murrell