Corporate Liability

Free Skate Mag just posted 'Nick & Kyle', a Nike montage capped with a shared part of Nick Jensen and Kyle Wilson. If your appetite for London isn't sated after the video finishes, dig into some of the photos from the article.

Between getting punched in the face by Mic-E Reyes, approaching Jake Johnson to ride for 917, and the unsought potential of a third Crailtap board brand, there's more than enough to dive into in Alex Olson's appearance on The Bunt. Meanwhile, Ty Evans' newest "film" may be a flop, but there's plenty of good stories in his Nine Club episode.

A new Bust Crew video? Yes, please!

On the interview tip: Frank Hirata and Shorty's Steve Olson for the Chrome Ball Incident, and PALASONIC star Lucien Clarke for Quartersnacks, featuring some excellent collages by Requiem for a Screen.


Stuff you've probably already seen this week includes Hjalte's long-awaited Frog part, Quartersnacks' celebration of 2017, and the Adidas Skateboarding Australia team.

Island, the follow-up to last year's marriage of skateboarding and urban exploration, is slated to hit Grey Skate Mag's website this upcoming Monday. Meanwhile, we can expect the next Atlantic Drift episode ... eventually?

Finally, we're sad to say that Maryland's one and only Pitcrew Skateshop will be closing their doors at the end of the month, after servicing the greater Baltimore/Washington DC area for the past two decades. Support your local shop while you can, especially during the Christmas season.

-Andrew Murrell

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