Nonstop, Full Bore

Kevin Coakley's curtains part in Look Left went live amidst this Monday's media barrage. If you watched it and thought, "this edit sucks,"  you're in luck! Theories of Atlantis and Traffic are giving you an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is! More details here.

If you didn't kick off your week with Let's Skate Dude, the new full-length video from Krooked, than what better way to kick off your weekend than with full parts from Brad Cromer, Mike Anderson, and this week's cover boy, Bobby Worrest?

Everyone's favorite Atlantic Drifter has set sail from Skateboard Cafe for what seems to be a more widely-distributed underground brand. Truly, who among us didn't see this one coming?

North American plaza connoisseur and switch flip back tailer extraordinaire Ross Norman is in the hot seat over at Quartersnacks, courtesy of Frozen in Carbonite


Hot off his recent Lotties Skateshop part, Dane Barker continues his streak of destruction around the Los Angeles area with 'DANE!'

Frog Skateboards recently blessed Hjalte Halberg with a guest board. Still waiting on that summer clip, boys. I know it's out there. Hjalte also pops up in 'Dirt River', alongside a number of his Nike and 917 comrades.

Smooth operator Jovontae Turner finds himself on the Nine Club this week, and come on, I know a small, masochistic part of you wants to listen to Clint Walker humiliate himself on The Bunt.

The Evisen Video premiere is tomorrow night in Brooklyn. Who am I gonna see there?

-Andrew Murrell