After seven years of filming, PALASONIC, the Palace full-length, appeared unceremoniously on the brand's Vimeo page this past Wednesday afternoon. If you haven't already watched it, keep your eyes peeled for London spots you haven't seen since the Blueprint days, and the best Chewy Cannon (this week's featured photo) and Danny Brady parts in ages.

Jon Rowe's Gospel part is one of my favorites of the past year, so I don't know how I forgot to include his B-sides in the roundup last week. My apologies to both Jon and Bust Crew.

Is it shameless self-promotion to plug Theories projects I had nothing to do with? The boys stacked clips in Chicago this past summer, and dropped a killer edit this week. Check it out over at Jenkem.

Josh Stewart, tre flip to fakie. Photo: Gata

Josh Stewart, tre flip to fakie. Photo: Gata

Hockey III dropped late last Friday afternoon. Come for the Andrew Allen part, stay for Caleb Barnett.

Pat Gallaher's part in Clean, a project out of Minneapolis, is short and sweet. Good work.

Episodes of The Bunt I need to catch up on: Dick Rizzo, Corey Duffel.

A Nick Boserio bomb drop adorns the latest cover of TransworldThat's two in a row for Polar pros, and two in a row for photographer Matt Price. Congrats, guys!

Matt Velez is premiering Calzone on November 30th in Brooklyn. Looks like we can expect footage from Mark Humienik, Buggy, Mark Wetzel, Joey Boulliane, Ian McGraw, and Brian Costadina.

It is fucking Friday, the fucking tenth. Have a great weekend.

-Andrew Murrell