Rewatch, Revisit, Retire

I guess Friday is the new day to drop parts online. Antonio Durao's Numbers part flew in just after deadline last week, so we're throwing it into this week's roundup. Switch varial flip down D6 is no joke (obviously).

Studio Skateboards just dropped "Service Promo" in memory of their friend, Darrell Smith. You already know Brett Weinstein brings the heat in this one.

Instagram sensation Spencer Hamilton recently underwent Quartersnack's remix treatment, courtesy of none other than Brian Delaney. Quartersnacks also blessed us with a solo upload of Max Palmer's 917 part, so if you've been putting off a rewatch, now's the time.

Photo: Colin Sussingham

Photo: Colin Sussingham

Some quick-footed goodness from Pillo Wheel's Conexiones, from Magenta rider Glen Fox and Eleventh Hour standout Luka Pinto, who I'm really psyched to see is still at it.

I'm also psyched to see Steph Morgan still at it. Watch his new part in Familia Skateboard's Angola over on the Free Skate Mag site.

The subway skating from Tengu: God of Mischief is making the rounds again. Colin Read just uploaded the full section to his YouTube channel, so take a second to bask in the insanity of Koki Loaiza's over-the-tracks ollie.


Bust Crew followed up last week's Ty Beall footage with a fifteen minute cut of Daniel Ravenal outtakes and b-sides from Venue's Gospel. Crossing my fingers for some Jon Rowe raw footage sooner rather than later...

I'm a few weeks late on this, but Devoted, a documentary by Lucas Beaufort, is a dive into print media and a treat for skate nerds like myself.

-Andrew Murrell