Goodbye Blue Monday

Cyrus Bennett's Nike part was clearly worth the wait, as it's been on heavy repeat since dropping this past Monday. If, between that and his 917 part, that's somehow not enough Cyrus for you greedy bastards, Quartersnacks has some B-sides and greatest hits to sate your appetite.

Isle collaborated with SkatePal to drop Pieces of Palestine, a look into the country's small skate scene and an outlet for some great Nick Jensen footage. 

Another week, another wild frontside 360 -- this one courtesy of Shane Farber, via Widdip's Isla Voyeur, the newest full-length out of Atlanta. Give it a watch on the Free Skate Mag website before heading out this weekend, you won't regret it.

giphy (1).gif

Mandible Claw did NOT heed my recent suggestion of posting Leo Gutman's Spirit Quest part, opting instead to upload the video's chameleon eyes intro. Hey, Colin, what gives?

While on the subject of Spirit Quest, Hiroki Muraoka came through with some head-scratchers in The Splits, the newest offering from Adidas' Japanese team.

Brad Cromer surprised us all with a good, old-fashioned iPhone part, something we haven't seen in a minute. Are those still a thing, or do we jump straight to Instagram compilations now?

Spitfire's Arson Department is a love letter to San Francisco, featuring all the spots and skaters you'd expect from such a production. Beyond Daan Van Der Linden and Harry Lintell bringing the heat, new Dennis Busenitz footage is always a pleasure. 


Grey Skate Mag and Emerica bring you Hive, a visual documentation of the UK team's recent time in Manchester. Big Eniz Fazliov fan over here, and he didn't disappoint.

Village Psychic came through with a particularly enjoyable Ron Deily remix. Major shoutout to anyone making remix parts who takes the time and energy to ensure the footage has skate sounds.

Catch up with Yoan Taillandier before digging into the newest Minuit production.

Not sure what you're doing for Halloween? Me neither! Don't worry, Jenkem's got your back.

Was just talking to a friend about how skateboarding is really just a tool for urban exploration. This part demonstrates that in a way few others have.

See you soon?

-Andrew Murrell