The long awaited Palace Skateboards video, Palasonic, premiered with little to no fanfare or hype at the brand's skatepark opening last night in London. Rumored to be all VHS footage, all London, and mostly full parts, this sounds like one for the books. 

Tampa local and silent killer Jereme Knibbs came through with a bangin' part in Mixtape Vol. 3. Worth the price of admission for that last trick alone.

You may have missed out on the four-hour-long version of Jamie Thomas's Nine Club episode, but there's still plenty to dig into on the edited version, clocking in at over three hours. 

After Spirit Quest came the Shame Quest. Watch Mandible Claw and the cast of SQ tromp through Japan in a post-premiere high. Truthfully, the only shame I feel about this was waiting ten days to add it to the roundup. Sorry, Colin.


BRAAAAD, a video by Guillaume Perimony, takes international travelers Remy Taveira, Phil Zwijsen, Oscar Candon, Sam Partaix, and Michael Mackrodt through Southeast Asia, with great results. Trust me, you're not going to recognize any spots in this one.

Bust Crew seems to be coming through with raw clips from Venue's Gospel on a regular basis now. This week's star is none other than shop owner Maury Blankinship.

I try to avoid Instagram clips for the roundups, but sometimes that's easier said than done. Nik Stain. Grant Taylor. Andrew Allen.

Jenkem pontificates on the state of the world after the 917 video.

While on the subject of 917, there was supposed to be a new Cyrus Bennett part yesterday. What's going on, Nike?

Finally, happy anniversary to Static III! Premiering on October 18, 2007, the video laid a foundation for Theories of Atlantis and remains a classic ten years on. Congrats to everyone involved, and I'm looking forward to celebrating the Static IV anniversary in 2024.

Bet you thought I was gonna post something from Static III, huh?

-Andrew Murrell